Why Resurface If You Can Refurbish?

Have your tennis court reinstated to its former glory with an

Absolute Tennis Courts Refurbishment.


BEFORE: The court is covered in moss and debris and the surface cracked and fretted

AFTER: Fully refurbished and playable to its former glory after years of neglect

Absolute Tennis Courts are able to bring your tennis court back to it's former glory for a fraction of the price to resurface. 

Furthermore, being a highly skilled tennis court maintenance specialist, I will maintain it annually as part of a special

'Annual Client Maintenance Programme'. Once refurbished the Annual Client Maintenance Programme will help keep your newly refurbished tennis court in great condition all year round. 

But don't take my word for it, view some customer testimonials with photo galleries. 

Alternatively, please view recent tennis court refurbishment galleries below.

TO FIND OUT MORE PLEASE CONTACT STEVE MARRIOTT: 07930 356244 / Email: info@absolutetenniscourts.com