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Full Tennis Court Refurbishment - Godalming, Surrey

'I cannot recommend these guys too highly'
Surface moss, weeds, debris
This calls for some action!
Where do you start?
Foliage piled up over years
Whole court a complete mess
Others said it couldn't be done
Absolute Tennis Courts said it could
The clearing process begins
What surface will we find beneath?
Finally getting down to the tarmac
Heavy going, lots coming off
Day two of the cleanup operation
Final pressure washing stage
Surface almost clean
Surfaced cleaned - and very damaged
The damage is obvious
The guys set to work repairing
Must be a million holes and cracks!!
The repair works taking shape
The surface is starting to look good
Slowly starting to look playable!
Now for some colour
3 coats of specialist sports paint
Looking like different court already
All foliage cut back from court
Perfect cover applied everytime
You couldn't see this for debris
Ready for some tennis lines!
Now it looks like a tennis court
Every detail with loving care
It has been 24yrs in the waiting!
No job to big or too small
Another satisfied customer!
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