Tennis Court Moss, Weed & Root Treatments


Tennis Courts encourage moss to form which in turns blocks the drainage of the surface, makes it unsafe underfoot and ultimately results in the breaking up of the surface area. It is VITAL that you have your tennis court moss treated at least once a year to help combat this, even if your tennis court it is not frequently used or is a new installation.

You can help prevent moss taking root by blowing any leaves or other debris from the surface on a regular basis, by cutting away any overhanging tree branches or hedges, and allowing air and sunlight to reach the court. A light annual or bi-annual wash-off of the court is also recommended, however please make sure this is carried out by a tennis court expert or more damage than good can be done.


Tennis Court Moss

A tennis court with overhanging branches and a moss infection.

Tennis Court Moss

The overhanging branches were cut back and the moss treated and eradicated.

Tennis Court Moss

Finally the damaged surface is repaired and bonded and then coloured and lined.


Weeds can grow practically anywhere and the perimeter of your tennis court is unfortunately no exception. Weeds generally penetrate onto a tennis court due to a lack of border management and, unless dealt with properly, will begin to extend to other areas of the surface and instigate the breaking up of the court.

Absolute Tennis Courts deal with weed incursion regularly by removing weeds from your court, treat the affected areas, repair any damage caused to the surface and work with you to put in place a prevention plan to halt the repeat of weed incursions.


Roots can emerge from below your tennis court and raise the surface which creates an uneven playing area, ultimately breaking it up. Absolute Tennis Courts can cut out the roots and repair the damaged surface areas and carry out further preventative works to avert reappearing roots, such as installing a root barrier along the exterior section of the tennis court where the issue is prevailing.   

Tennis Court Root Damage

If not prevented and maintained, weeds and roots will contribute to the breaking up of your tenis court surface.

Inserting a root barrier is a favourable option to the halting of external tree roots onto your tennis court.

Tennis Court Border Management

Install a decorative weed barrier to help prevent the spread of weeds and other debris onto your tennis court.