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Tennis Court Maintenance Programme

Protect your Investment - Benefit from Additional Years from your Court - Limit the Expense

We charge a fixed fee for a general maintenance visit, which includes a set amount of works such as moss & weed treating.


Our Annual Maintenance Programme helps to keep your tennis court in decent condition all year round. 

The annual visit also enables us to notify, advice and act on any issues prior to them becoming a costly concern.

Maintenance visits mainly run from Oct to April to protect your tennis court from the winter elements,

or in preparation for the warmer seasons when tennis courts are mostly used.

Annual maintenance works could include the following:

Moss and algae treatments - root/weed control - pressure cleaning/surface repairs - remarking tennis lines​ - fencing repairs​

Fencing Repairs

Old Glebe tennis court fencing 1.jpg
Old Glebe tennis court fencing 2.jpg
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