Absolute Tennis Courts Guarantees 

Customer satisfaction is paramount to the operations of Absolute Tennis Courts Ltd and all of refurbishment works comes with a 2yr warranty. Guarantee is conditional upon recommended maintenance being carried out as a requirement, and for your tennis court being employed for its distinct purpose.

Guarantees on refurbishment works include:

  • Colouring and Lining

  • Surface Repairs and bonding

  • Fencing Repairs and Renewal

  • Root Solutions

  • Landscaping​

Please Note:

  • Root solutions – Root removal from beneath the surface can only be guaranteed with the installation of a root barrier as a completion of the works. The length and depth of the root barrier should be acted upon under the direction of Absolute Tennis Courts Ltd.

  • All tennis court products (such as nets, posts and ball machines) are high quality tournament standard and fall under the standard manufactures guarantee. We are able to purchase and install your chosen products as part of the refurbishment programme and happily deal with the manufacturer on your behalf should any issues arise whilst the product remains under the manufacturers policy.

  • Due to the unpredictable nature of moss and weeds (which can be blown and seeded onto the court through the air, or carried onto court by an animal for example) it is not possible to guarantee against these under our 2yr warranty. Moss and weed treatments fall under our Annual Client Maintenance Programme.

A weed barrier is installed around this tennis court to protect the recent refurbishment from weed encroachment.

A fully refurbished this tennis court for the client including pressure cleaning, surface repairs, surface bonding, colour and lining and a new net and posts.

To compliment the refurbishment of the tennis court surface, we refurbished the iron works and installed brand new fencing for the client.

Dozens of roots that were protruding through the tennis court surface were removed. Followed this the surface was repaired, bonded, coloured

and lined.

Weed and moss application being applied to a tennis court as a part of the Annual Client Maintenance Programme. 

Pressure washing is a major aspect to both the refurbishment and maintenance of tennis courts. You should only ever have your tennis court cleaned by a tennis court expert to limit damage to the surface