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Full Tennis Court Refurbishment Service

Absolute Tennis Courts can reinstate your tennis court for a fraction of the cost to resurface,

protecting your investment and prolonging the life of your court in the process. 

Please note that not all courts can take a refurbishment and may require resurfacing.

This is dependent on the overall condition of the existing surface, which we be able to advise upon.





Phase 1: Pressure Washing

Tennis Courts encourage algae and moss to form which in turns blocks the drainage of your court, makes it unsafe underfoot and ultimately results in the breaking up of the surface area. We will begin to bring your court back to life with a meticulous deep pressure-clean, restoring the porosity of the surface. 


Phase 2: Surface Repairs

Following the careful cleaning of your tennis court, we use a small stone or sand granule and a binding material to carry out any required corrective surface repairs, maintaining a structurally sound surface and improving the directional bounce of the ball. 


Phase 3: Surface Bonding

During this process an absorbent polyurethane resin is applied across the entire surface. This procedure strengthens the court by bonding together the surface stones and repairs, preventing small stones from breaking across the court and further deteriorating the surface. It also reduces the softening effect in high temperatures. 


Phase 4: Colouring

We next employ three coats of a durable anti-slip acrylic sports paint. Our paints are available in an array of colour combinations for you to choose from, enhance surface performance and improve grip. Our tennis court paints exceed Sport England LTA and all other national standards.

Phase 5: Lining 

For the ultimate finish we use a traditional and time-tested method of hand painted tennis lines in a non slip hard-wearing brilliant white sports paint. This excellence of workmanship enables the lines to be straighter and more solid than any other used method.


Tennis Court Products:

If required we can install a new net and posts, practice rebound walls and other tennis court products . We are also able to provide various other line markings such as basketball, badminton, netball, football, hockey and children's tennis.


Annual Maintenance 

Once your tennis court is back to its former glory we will consult with you to put in place an affordable maintenance programme to keep it in a good playable condition. Annual maintenance visits also enable us to notify, advice and act on any potential issues prior to them becoming a costly issue.

Please see our Maintenance Programme page

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