Tennis Court Removal Service

Our Comprehensive Tennis Court Demolition & Removal Service

Whilst a well maintained and utilised tennis court can be a valuable asset, a neglected tennis court covered in moss and weeds and with a cracked and fretted surface, can be something of an eyesore and a somewhat waste of valuable space. Furthermore maintaining your tennis court is an expense that may seem a bit ludicrous if it doesn’t get used anymore.

If your tennis court has not been properly maintained over the years, there is a chance that the surface is even beyond refurbishing, which would then call for a complete resurface, costing anywhere between £8-£15k. However, there is now another option available to you...

For around the same price of resurfacing your tennis court, Absolute Tennis Courts offer a comprehensive tennis court demolition and removal service, meaning you only pay out once more (for the full removal) towards your tennis court, with no more additional costs over the years to repair, resurface, colour and line, moss treat, pressure wash etc. An ongoing expense you could probably do without.

This is a fully comprehensive service where we will remove from site the entire tennis court, including the surface and all the fencing and uprights, and including any aggregate and drainage that lays beneath. Following on from this we will work with you to put in place a landscaping plan (such as reinstating a lawn) and even assist with any planning permission if required.

Tennis court demolition and removal services
Absolute Tennis Courts Demolition and Tennis Court Removal Services
Tennis Court Demolition and removal services
Tennis Court Demolition and Removal Services