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Surface Repairs & Surface Bonding

There are many reasons as to why a tennis court surface will break up over time and require attention to one degree or another. Thankfully we are experts at repairing damaged tennis court surfaces. There are various options available, depending on the surface type and the sum of damage.

Some of the reasons a tennis court may break up are...

  • Moss and weed infestation  

  • Roots intruding the surface

  • Aged court, general wear and tear

  • Not clearing debris such as leaves

  • Bird droppings

  • Lack of a maintenance programme

Tennis Court Repairs
Tennis Court Refurbishment

General Repairing:

Usually following a careful cleaning of your tennis court the damage will reveal its full extent to us and we will be able to accurately assess a course of action. We are able to repair cracks and fretted areas, surface damage due to weeds or tree roots, or general aged courts that have seen a lot of wear and tear. We are also able to rebuild your tennis lines as these sometimes crack or even curl at the edges. Our surface repair works maintain a structurally sound surface and improve the directional bounce of the ball and general playing safety. 

Screed and Binding

For more extensive damage we are able to screed large areas of the surface. During this process an absorbent resin is mixed with a small stone granule which is spread across and bonded into the damaged areas. We then seal this by bonding it further to the existing surface by spraying a porous resin and finally three coats of durable anti-slip acrylic sports paint. This will give you a decent playing surface once again at the fraction of the cost to resurface. 

Applying a resin bonding agent across the surface


Moss Treating is vital to maintaining your tennis court surface

tennis court moss treating_edited.jpg

Three coats of anti-slip, porous acrylic tennis court paint application 

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