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Free Site Visits

and Advice

A Freindly and Approachable Service

'Please feel free to contact me to arrange a free, no obligations on-site visit, where I'd be happy to asses your tennis court and advise on a plan of action to refurbish and maintain it to an excellent condition. Or if you are simply seeking some advice regarding your tennis court,

I am also more than happy to oblige'.

Steve Marriott - Company Owner:

Mobile: 07930 356244 

Site visits allows me to properly asses your tennis court and agree a plan of action with you regarding any works required.


There are various options available dependent on the condition of the court, frequency of use and budget. I will be able to advice in detail the options available to you, and at what cost detailed in a free no obligations quote.


Once works are completed your tennis court does not need to fall back into neglect, our Annual Tennis Court Maintenance Programme is designed to keep your tennis court in decent condition and playable all year round. Annual visits also enable us to notify and advice and act on any issues prior to them becoming a costly concern.


Absolute Tennis Courts Ltd value our customers and I am personally available to you at all times, no matter how important or trivial the enquiry. I am also more than happy to offer free advice or price guidelines over the phone or via email.

Steve Marriott

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