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Pressure Washing

Tennis courts encourage algae and moss to form which in turns blocks the drainage of your court, makes it unsafe underfoot and ultimately breaks up of the surface area. We will begin to bring your court back to life by first undertaking a meticulous deep pressure-clean, restoring the porosity of the court surface. We will then apply a residual moss barrier to prevent against regrowth. However, please be aware that it is not a simple case of using a domestic pressure washer as you would to clean a patio or car. Industrial specialist cleaners are required and you should only ever use a tennis court expert to clean your tennis court, or more damage than good can be done.

Hard Surface Court


Artificial Courts

tennis court powerbrushing.jpg

Power Brushing

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Court Clearing

High pressure specialist mechanical sprayers and experience enables us to remove mold, grime, dust, mud, dirt, moss and algae from your tennis court.
Book our expertise now for the perfect solution to cleaning your tennis court and surrounding areas.

For moss treating and pressure cleaning of patios, paths, driveways etc., please visit our associated company at:
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