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Colouring & Lining


Some of the benefits to having your tennis court coloured...

  • Enhances the appearance and the playing surface of your court.

  • Complies with industry requirements relating to slip resistance, such as SAPCA Code of Practice and the Lawn Tennis Association. 

  • Improves surface grip and reduces glare.

  • Protects your court surface giving your court longer life durability.


As leading professionals in the tennis court industry for 25yrs, you can be assured of a perfect finish using our colouring and lining expertise. During the process we employ three coats of durable anti-slip acrylic sports paint sprayed on using high powered airless units. Each coat is sprayed in an alternating direction to give maximum penetration and cover. Our tennis court paint is available in an array of colour combinations for you to choose from and enhances surface performance and improves grip. All of our paints exceed Sport England LTA and all other national standards and are safe to the environment.


For the ultimate finish to your tennis court we use a traditional and time-tested method of hand painted tennis lines in a non slip hard-wearing brilliant white sports paint. This excellence of workmanship enables the lines to be straighter and more solid than any other used method. We are also able to provide various other line markings such as basketball, badminton, netball, football, hockey and children's tennis.

Colour Combinations 

Below are some colour combination examples that can be applied to your tennis court. Other colours are avialable, such as grey and purple. If there is a particular colour combination you would like that is not displayed here, please do let us know and we will simply arrange it for you.

Please Note:

The colouring process may first involve a professional pressure cleaning of your tennis court to remove any dirt and debris from the surface. It may also be necessary to first apply a moss and/or weed killer. The process of pressure cleaning increases porosity to older surfaces and allows for the colouring to take properly. We can asses this with you upon our initial visit.


Professional advice should always be sought.

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